MARKET: Medical Cannabis


Our NoRes Pest Control Product eliminates insects and their eggs in less than a minute and when product tested, results show Zero Residue. The formula is harmless to humans, pets, surfaces, equipment and is safe to breathe. May be applied immediately before harvest. Testing Results Provided by Steephill Labs.

Mildew Control

Our Mildew Conrol Product Tested and Proven by Steephill Labs, controls powdery mildew in less than an hour and continues to prevent further mildew growth. Goes into plant to protect it systemically as it grows. All GRAS ingredients or equivalent.  Harmless to plants, humans, surfaces and all equipment and is safe to breathe. May be employed days before harvest.

Mold Prevention and Protection

MoldGuardian™  prevents mold growth on all surfaces for One-year or more!

For all hard surfaces like walls, grow-pots, racks, ceilings, support columns–any hard surface where mold is a problem. Especially effective in air conditioning duct-work. Used by major pharmaceutical companies: Amgen, Pfizer, Celgene and others to prevent and protect their facilities from mold and mold growth.