Affordably Prevent Bed Bugs For One-Year...Affordably Prevent Legal Claims

Tested and Proven By: The American Academy of Entomological Sciences (See below...)

The Burden of Proof: Who's Responsible For Bed Bug Lawsuits?

The Burden of Proof: Who's Responsible For Bed Bug Lawsuits?

Contamination Prevention’s product for Bed Bugs is 100% non-toxic to all humans and their mammal pets. The product has no odor and is not a harm to the environment, fabrics, or materials and allows you to use room one hour after application. Our Product has been tested and proven to kill bed bugs and prevent bed bug infestation for one year.

( NOTE: We also provide a "KNOCK-OUT" solution for heavy infestations. )


These verdicts and many more settlements are all based on the law that a hotel has to have the highest standard of care for its guests, yet did nothing to prevent bed bugs.

You Must Do Something To Protect Your Guests.

For $25.00 per room, you can now, not only kill bed bugs and their eggs for one year ($0.07/day), but you can prove that your property was effectively protected using our Bed Bug Killer solution.



First, management may at any time go into any treated room with the lights off and using a black light see the exact areas which have been sprayed. That allows management to verify that all rooms and all necessary areas in all rooms have been treated.

Second: One can also show a guest (or their attorney) that the room had been previously treated by showing them the written record and then seeing for themselves with the black light. Remember, any area after shampooing after a spill or illness will have to be retreated.


Each room is given a numbered “Record of Application” which is signed and dated by the employee applying the product for each numbered room. Applied Science Labs will then issue a written “Certificate” for that room number or area such as lobby, break room, child care room, etc.

These documents demonstrate the owner’s reasonable efforts to prevent bed bugs. They further establish that it is highly unlikely that the guest was first bitten by bed bugs in this room given the scientific testing behind the product and proof of room treatment.

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Understanding The Benefits Of Our Solution

1. Protection against bed bugs for one year.

2. Able to be applied by your in-house personnel without any respirator or protective clothing.

3. Application takes about 10 minutes for small hotel room. Not necessary to move large furniture.

4. Application may be made by a clean hand pump sprayer of backpack.

5. Dries fast. Invisible. Odorless. Very safe for employee spraying room.

6. Safe for humans, infants, immune compromised individuals, pets, plants, furniture, and fabrics.

7. Works on fleas and other small insects.

8. Room can be rented in less than one hour.

9. Able to vacuum room. Shampooing will remove product and it will have to be reapplied.

10. Ultraviolet marker in product to prove it was applied.

11. We work with you to provide written certification that each individual room was treated.

12. We work with you and your employees in the application process.

13. When confronted with the written documentation that the claimant or guest’s room was treated with a one year preventative, attorneys will not risk pursuing a contingent fee case.

14. Delivered by US Mail as a concentrate or ready to use.

Our Solution Has Been Proven


A one year scientific field trial of our bed bug preventative completed by Dr. Jeffrey Brown and his team at the American Academy of Entomological Services proved there were no live bugs during monthly inspections despite evidence of bed bug carcasses. In the 13th month, bed bugs were released into a treated room and they died quickly.


Contamination Prevention Technologies, Inc., and our team of scientists, have for over seven years been providing technologies and products to major pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Amgen to eliminate and prevent mold, bacteria, viruses and biofilm. We are extremely pleased to partner with a group of scientists from Applied Science Labs who have created, tested and perfected the only known all-natural product that will guarantee bed bug prevention for one year.

Our solution is an all-natural protein which, when it comes into contact with a bed bug, melts the exoskeleton (skin) of the insect causing it to die almost immediately. This protein is mixed with a very porous silica sand. The final solution is harmless to humans, infants, pets, immune compromised individuals, furniture, plants, fabrics and the environment.

After a room (carpet, baseboards, mattress, furniture, drawers and closet) is sprayed, the room is now protected from any bed bug brought in by a guest or their luggage. The room can be rented within one hour. There is no odor.

When a bed bug attempts to crawl across the treated carpet, it bumps into a piece of the silica sand causing the liquid protein to spill onto the bug’s exoskeleton causing immediate bleeding out of the bugs insides and death. Such a mechanical kill means the bed bug will never become resistant or immune.

Preventing bed bugs means preventing lawsuits, legal claims and a loss of business. Bed bug lawsuits have been successful, because plaintiffs’ lawyers have been able to prove that the hotel did nothing to prevent bed bugs. Before, you couldn’t do anything to prevent bed bugs.

Now, you can conclusively show that you have been proactive and “more than reasonably careful” (ie. exceeded the reasonable standard of care) to protect your guests and hotel rooms, other hotel common areas such as restaurants, waiting areas, lobby areas and furniture etc. from bed bugs for at least one year with a reasonable cost, 100% nontoxic, non-allergenic product.

The purpose of this prevention program is to “prevent a guest from being able to find a lawyer that would take their bed bug claim on the basis of a contingency fee arrangement”. You can now overcome allegations of negligence at the beginning, making it highly unlikely that any lawyer will pursue a claim.

~ The Testing ~


Click on the image below to view the testing certification from the American Academy of Entomological Sciences (AAOES).

This testing certifies our bug killing product is ”non-toxic according to EPA GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) standards and qualifies for 25 (b) rule exemption” and is “effective in the elimination and prevention as to the insect pests indicated on the label”.

The American Academy of Entomological Science (AAOES) is considered the “Gold Standard” for bug testing laboratories and any findings and certification attributable to this facility would be considered to be accurate, without question.

The AAOES was located in Madison, Mississippi where their mission was to provide consultation services to clients around the world, on assisting them

to achieve their pest control product objectives, and to provide third party independent testing services for new products entering the marketplace.

The Managing Director of the AAOES was Dr. Jeffrey Brown, who has since retired and who was considered to be one of the foremost forensic entomologists in the world.

Before his retirement, Dr. Brown also served as the Bureau Director and State Medical Entomologist for the State of Mississippi, had an extensive career in private industry and served with distinction in the military where he received a tri-service commendation medal from the Department of Defense for his work on creating Disease Vector Ecology Profiles.

The military found Dr. Brown’s DVEP’s to have a major impact on the health of military personnel worldwide, due to diseases of public health importance.

Get One-Year Of Protection For
Only $25.00 per Room ($0.07) per day

To Place an Order or if We Can Answer Any Question

Get One-Year Of Protection For
Only $25.00 per Room ($0.07) per day

To Place an Order or if We Can Answer Any Question