Dr. Brown’s Curriculum Vitae


 Dr. Jeffrey K. Brown Ph.D., R.P.E., B.C.E.


State Entomologist for Mississippi

President and Founder American Academy of Entomological Sciences


Dr. Brown received his B.S. in Vertebrate Zoology with a minor in Wildlife Disease and Zoo Medicine and Ph.D. in Medical Entomology from the University of California, Davis and his M.B.A. from Central Michigan University. He had a brief career as a Captain in the United States Air Force as a consultant to combat forces worldwide. He was awarded a tri-service commendation medal from the Department of Defense for his work on creating Disease Vector Ecology Profiles (DVEP’s) that the armed forces carried during the aborted attempt to rescue the American hostages in Iran. The DVEP’s were hailed by the Department of Defense as “having a major impact on the health of military personnel worldwide due to diseases of public health importance.”


Dr. Brown spent three years as executive Director of the American Sanitation Institute where he directed a 30 person work force of sanitarians that addressed public health issues, problems and solutions to bring food manufacturers into compliance in the food processing industry. He trained his workforce in conducting simulated FDA and Public Health inspections to prevent food manufactures, food service and food warehousing companies from being cited by regulatory agencies.


Dr. Brown has completed over 1,000 consults; and developed the only in house insect and rodent clean out system allowed by the FDA in Atlanta, Georgia and defended a $350 million company which has been seized by Federal Marshals. He got them back in business by creating a defense booklet and presented it to the FDA and USDA and to this date has never lost a consult for non-compliance by a client. Dr. Brown is a sought after speaker for many associations and was a speaker for the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA). He has addressed audiences in England, Germany, Dubai, Egypt, Sweden, China, and Taiwan.


He moved to Wisconsin where he was the Director of Technical Development for S. C. Johnson Wax and spent 10 years with this multi-billion dollar a year global marketer of consumer and commercial products and was a seasoned visionary for ideation sessions, strategic planning, marketing, team building, business and technology assessment. Dr. Brown received many awards for innovation and product development. Dr. Brown was one of the individuals that created the Food Sanitation System and Manual for the Wal-Mart retail food business and would periodically revise and consult to Wal-Mart and other retail food companies.


Dr. Brown and his team developed and launched the Vector Electronic Fly Trap that spawned a new market segment for Johnson Wax and other various non contaminating insect light trap technologies in the pest management industry that soon followed our lead. Our cooperative research with major universities on the dangers of insect electrocution devices convinced the US Government to ban these devices around people and food contact areas due to the harmful airborne insect particles, airborne metal particles and airborne bacteria created by the exploding of insects into the air by the insect electrocution devices.

The Vector Electronic Fly Trap was the only trap of its kind to be allowed in food service, manufacturing and food contact areas. Since the launch of the Vector in 1988, the competition launched “knock off” traps but could not compete against the Vector.

Dr. Brown is currently Bureau Director and State Medical Entomologist for the State of Mississippi.


Summary of Experience


Over eighteen (18) years of diversified experience within the commercial, consumer and service industries.  Extensive background in recognition, analysis, development and commercialization of new products and services for emerging markets involving complex integration of technical/business issues. A seasoned visionary for ideation sessions, strategic planning, marketing, team building, business, creative problem solving and technology assessment in entomology.


2009-Present Mississippi State Department of Health Jackson, Mississippi

Appointed Bureau Director for Environmental Health and State Medical Entomologist.


Support 125 field Environmentalists in their duties to protect the health of the people of the State of Mississippi. Perform all duties to support the department for problems with arthropods of medical importance that could be deemed detrimental to the health of the public of the State of Mississippi. Work with FDA, EPA, USDA, Mosquito Control Personnel, 49 other state Public Health Departments, hospitality industry, Public Housing, etc. In the process of creating the policy for bed bug complaints for the Department of Public Health and creating a “Standard of Care” for the hospitality industry for bed bug control. 


2009-Present Director General American Academy of Entomological Sciences A private contract research academy that uses the talents of collaborators for contract insect field and laboratory research. We have clients is 10 states, Europe and the Middle East.


2004 to 2009 Nacon Technologies. Niceville, Florida  A closely held angel funded stock company dedicated to create, design and launch the next generation of Electronic Flying Insect Trap using the patented Tri Phased Array Technologies.


Successfully using contract personnel designed, tested and set up manufacturing in China. Within 3 trips to China, all molds, pre and production models were completed including electronics, packaging, safety certification, EPA Establishment, third party logistics, laboratory testing with universities and field testing with major corporations and launched next generation electronic flying insect trap. Would like to work on next generation trap using plasma screen, unit with LED’s and cold cathode tubes. Next product concept is mosquito trap for consumer market. This time I would manufacturer in the US.


1996 to 2004 Future Scope. Niceville, Florida A privately owned consulting company working with companies to assist in creating new products, problem solving, technology assessment and team building, public health issues, legal issues in entomology.


Worked with Woodstream Corporation to design and launch electronic consumer flying insect control trap. Presented concept and final version to Wal-Mart for Woodstream.

Succeeded in redirecting Personal Blood Supply, a Florida company created to store blood for personal use emergencies to create a new strategy to store “T” cells from umbilical cords for the “Gift of Life” for children and grandchildren. Net Result: As a result of the change in strategy they succeeded in “fighting” off The Red Cross who demanded that they stop from storing blood as a business.


Assisted the Whirlpool Corporation in creating new products for the consumer home kitchen. Net result: Three new products were introduced from the three day session.

Conducted successful synectics sessions for In-Sink-Erator to create new product introduction for garbage disposals to compete against products entering their market from China. Net Result: Not only was a new design for a garbage disposal created, but new positioning of the product. In addition, our sessions revealed waste in the manufacturing process that was remedied savings the company money.


Conducted successful team building sessions for Little Rapids Corporations, Green Bay, Wisconsin Beauty & Barber and Medical Divisions. Net Result: Teams from the divisions were reformed into more closely knit personalities and talents to create new products for their existing and emerging markets.


Consulted on entomological issues such as termites, insect bites, and insect damage for attorneys.


1986 to 1996  S. C. Johnson Wax. Racine, Wisconsin  A privately held multi-billion global marketer of consumer insecticides, air fresheners, personal care products, institutional cleaners, sanitizers and services and recreational products.


1990 to 1996  Director of Technical Development:Responsible for creating and managing new product and  service opportunities for S. C. Johnson North American Professional Business Group.


Succeeded in presenting the technology of the Vector Electronic Fly Trap to the McDonald’s Corporation.  Net Result:  Generated $1,000,000 in sales the first year of launch. Projected sales of $10,000,000 within four (4) years globally.


Designed and launched new Protector Consumer Electronic Fly Trap in five (5) months to test specialty markets using catalog distribution systems. Sold 45,500 units (Sam Johnson received 500 units) and returned $1,000,000 to entrepreneurial fund. Net Result:  Positioned product to be mainstreamed into the RAID product line if accepted by division president.


Succeeded in presenting and the sale of Electronic Fly Traps to K-Mart and Wal-Mart Corporations.  Net Result:  Generated $3,000,000 in sales.


Directed the design and development of a new patented non-pesticidal flea trap for RAID consumer markets.


Designed customized sanitation programs for top 30% of the retail food industry. Net Results:  Retained the $12,000,000 annual Wal-Mart account, and secured national accounts including K-Mart Super Centers and Target.

Commercialized new fire protection coating for hood and duct systems. Net Results: Reduced labor costs by 50% and chemical costs by 40%.


Represented S. C. Johnson Wax through seminars and other presentations throughout the United States, Canada, China, Germany and England to industry, governments, and universities.  Net Result:  Created new credibility in areas of business and science.


1986 to 1990  New Business Development Manager:  Responsible for creating new products, services, and business opportunities for the Worldwide Service Business Group.


Developed and commercialized an innovative and patented non-contaminating, non-pesticidal flying insect control trap (Vector and Hygeinus) creating a new market worldwide. Net Result:  Generated millions in incremental sales since its launch in 1988.

Created revolutionary patented pesticide application equipment using electrostatics, “cryogenics” and pulsation.  New design used less pesticide and reduced chemical costs and far more efficient in killing cockroaches in their hides. Net Result:  Generated new incremental sales for the pest elimination service business of Bugs Burger Bugs Killers, PCO Canada and MicroGen .


Founding member of the Corporate Intrapreneurial Seed Fund that guides and champions new product ideas. Net Result:  Provided an environment to promote innovation and creativity that launched products including fly and flea traps, computer aided sales system for service business, fly line cleaner, IT systems, ware-washing equipment, fragrances for pesticides, etc.


Founding member of the Worldwide Environmental Council that creates, evaluates, and implements environmental initiatives.  Net Result:  Positioned company as a leader in environmental issues and initiatives.


Promoted to Director of Technical Development. Worldwide Service Business Group. Worked with Scuba Pro to aid incoming president in a smooth and seamless transition. 


1983 to 1986 American Sanitation Institute. St. Louis, Missouri: Consultants to the food processing, pharmaceutical, storage and distribution industry.


Vice President and Executive Director:  Responsible for the development of service programs for clients. Created strategies and tactics to negotiate with Federal and State Regulatory Agencies.  Directly responsible for 30 field FDA specialists, 17 corporate and 12 manufacturing and regulatory personnel.


Provided expert defense for a client involved in the largest business seizure for rodent and insect infestation in history of FDA. Developed in-house rodent and insect control programs.     Net Result:  Succeeded in defense of the $350,000,000 privately held company.


Developed incentive programs and training sessions for 30 field FDA specialists.  Net Result: Increased sales of field specialists by 9% in a saturated market.

Conducted 3 major seminars a year on insect and rodent control, biology and ecology for the food manufacturing, pharmaceutical and pest control industries.


1980 to  1983  United States Air Force. Washington, D.C.

Captain • Defense Pest Management Information Analysis Center:  Responsible for consultations to Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel on a global basis.


Developed an early warning medical system for the D.O.D. that assessed the risk for combat troops to diseases around the world.  Net Result:  Experienced zero (0) loss of military personnel from arthropod borne diseases including poisonous snakes and plants in Iran during the aborted attempt to rescue the American hostages. Project hailed as “a major contribution to the protection of operational military forces worldwide”. Consulted to military worldwide for insects, rodents, snakes, plants, etc. that could have a negative impact on personnel.


Awarded the Tri-Service Commendation Medal for developing the Disease Vector Ecology Profile.


1971 to  1980  University of California. Davis, California

Responsibilities included positions as Research Associate and Teaching Assistant for the Departments of Entomology, Veterinary Microbiology, Nematology and the School of Medicine.


Designed and developed the Aquatic Insect Monitoring System (AIMS) chambers and JCL Insect Traps. Net Result:  Established JCL Traps as the standard in monitoring procedures for Lake County Mosquito Abatement District.


Derived a formula that made possible the large scale application of a fungus to control vectors of Malaria, Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, Dengue and Elephantiasis.  Net Results: Reduced labor to rear/colonize fungal spores by 53% and materials by 60%.



M.BA. – Management/Administration – 1983

Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Ph.D. – Medical Entomology – 1979

University of California, Davis, California

B.S. – Zoology – 1973

University of California, Davis, California

A.A. – Biology – 1970

Truman College, Chicago, Illinois