Powdery Mildew Prevention

Effective on all mold/fungi–including powdery mildew, botyrtis, foilar or root fungus Leaves Zero Residue, Is 100% Non-Toxic

And Is Effective On Airborne Mold, Spores, And Fungi In Soil.  No harmful residues even day after application

Our biochemist studied the method of mold’s/fungi’s absorption of nutrients and discovered all fungi have the same basic method of absorbing nutrients, which is the foundation of how our powdery mildew solution works. In In nature, there are certain plant extracts known to prevent mold and fungus growth. Our product contains derivatives of those plant extracts and is made up of only all-natural ingredients, specifically formulated with a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and plant extracts that fungi think is food.

Our formula is 1,000 times more powerful that the plant extracts themselves. You can think of our product as delivering a “Trojan Horse” nutrient that within minutes destroys enzymatic activity in fungi so the fungi cannot live or produce more spores.

Once our product is sprayed onto the leaves of the plant, it becomes water resistant when it dries. It can also be put into the irrigation water to get to the roots.

Post-harvest testing results reveal only vitamins, amino-acids, and anti-oxidants.


Spray crops when dry and allow to completely dry on the leaves. Once dried on the leaves, our product becomes water resistant to rain and remain with the fibers and pores of the plant leaves.

100% All-Natural Mold Prevention “leaves no unacceptable residue”

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