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If you are interested in receiving product sample, please use this form and tell us a little-bit about your business and someone on our staff will touch base with you as soon as possible. (Note: Depending on your operation/size, a small charge may apply)

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Mold PreventionPowdery Mildew ControlNoResidue Pest ControlEliminate BiofilmEliminate BacteriaVirus Elimination

Mold Prevention

Pharmaceutical biotech mold prevention and protection on any hard surface for eat least one year or more. Currently being used by companies like Pfizer, Amgen and Celgene.

Eliminate Biofilm

Eliminate and prevent any biofilm contamination in any water system with ozonated water using only ambient temperature water.

Eliminate Bacteria

Eliminate any bacteria on any surface like floors, wall, counter-tops equipment utilizing and, sanitize and sterilize surfaces with ozonated water.

Virus Elimination

Eliminate and prevent virus contamination in your facility with ozonated water system using only ambient temperature water.

Powdery Mildew Control

Control and prevent mildew in plants growing in agricultural operations–currently used in medical marijuana operations.

NoResidue Pest Control

100% All-Natural Pest Control  (used in medical marijuana operations.) When product tested  Results Show: Zero-Residue 
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